Pet insurance

Our guides help you to make sense of pet insurance. Lifetime cover for your Labrador to pre-existing conditions cover for your Pomeranian we've got you sorted.
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Pet cover without the complexity

Our mission

At gather our team of insurance experts are here to simplify the world of pet insurance. We explain and pull out the key facts, making sense of the jargon and translating it into easily understandable language. 

Our aim is to provide UK pet owners with as much knowledge about the benefits and drawbacks of pet insurance products and, ultimately, to leave no pet under insured. 

Accident only

Accident only covers you against vet fees you may need to pay which are a result of your pet getting in an accident. Cover might sound straight-forward but it can differ. 

Accident only pet insurance >

Time limited

Time limited policies provide cover for vet costs caused by accidents and illnesses for a specific time period after the condition presents itself – this is usually 12 months.

Time limited pet insurance >

Maximum benefit

Maximum benefit plans cover helps to pay for costs arising from accidents and illness up to a certain limit. Unlike time limited plans cover continues until the condition limit is reached. 

Maximum benefit pet insurance >


Lifetime pet insurance is the most comprehensive and helps to cover vet fees arising from accidents and illnesses up to a certain limit, but these limits are reset at renewal.

More about lifetime pet insurance >

Pre-existing conditions

1 in 3 pets in the UK have a pre-existing condition but, until recently, getting cover for them was virtually impossible. Now there are providers which open up potential to switch for a better deal.

More about pre-existing conditions >

Pedigree dog insurance

Pedigree dogs are more expensive than crossbreeds because they are more likely to suffer from hereditary health conditions. Some breeds will be more expensive than others – not great news if you’re a French Bulldog owner particularly! – Explore more about pedigree dog insurance. 

Pedigree cat insurance

Pedigree cats are more expensive to insure than the typical moggy because they will be more likely to suffer from various health conditions and when that happens the likelihood of a claim increases. Find out more about how pedigree cat insurance works. 

Independent reviews of the UK's best pet insurers

There are 57 different pet insurance providers in the UK. Most provide cover for cats and dogs, but there are specialist providers that offer protection for rabbits, horses and even exotic pets such as snakes, lizards and parrots.

Our insurance product experts have independently reviewed cover for the UKs most popular pet insurers to summarise their cover, understand the benefits and drawbacks and find out about claims experience. Plus we give you an insight in to real customer experiences and reviews.

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Latest guides

If you are looking to know more about the specifics of pet cover, our guides are compiled by insurance product experts and veterinary specialists to simplify the terminology and know exactly where you stand. 

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Dog insurance

The full details on finding cover for your pooch.

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Persian Grey

Cat Insurance

Explore the details about finding cover for your feline friend. 

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Multi-Pet Insurance

Insuring more than 1 pet? Check our list of best multi-pet discounts and get great value for money. 

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