Pet health and care guides

We've created our guides to give you all the information you need on different features of pet insurance and wider information of pet care and treatment. With advice and information from our expert insurance and veterinary professionals. 

5 predictions for the future of pet insurance

Our top 5 predictions for the future of pet insurance...

Best family dogs to choose in 2022

Boston Terrier Clocking in under 25 pounds, these people-oriented pups...

What is a body condition score and how does it work?

A Body Condition Score (BCS) Whilst it is always useful...

Where and how to get financial help for vet bills

Animal Charities PDSARSPCABlue CrossDogs TrustCats ProtectionUSPCA Vet Carelines (Vetfone –...

Top 10 low maintenance dogs – which is best ?

Dogs are fantastic companions, they are loyal, obedient and loving...

Bilateral conditions: What are they and why are they important?

Pet insurance policies are filled with technical and medical terminology...

Top 10 most popular pedigree dog breeds in the UK

Mixed breeds are the most popular dogs in the UK,...

Must-have vaccinations for cats and dogs

A key part of responsible pet ownership is ensuring that...

8 simple tips to save money on vet bills

Nobody likes unexpected costs for anything, it’s especially more stressful...

The 5 things nobody told you about pet insurers

Let’s be honest pet insurance is boring. In fact, all...

The 10 most misunderstood dog breeds

Sometimes a dog's reputation is far from the truth. Meet...

Understanding how Defaqto ratings work

Many providers proudly show their Defaqto ratings, but what do...


Puppies Sleeping

Multi-pet insurance

Looking to insure more than one pet? You could save hundreds of pounds by finding the best deals on multi-pet insurance.

Multi-pet insurance >


Excited Dog

Puppy insurance

Insuring your puppy whilst they are young has a number of benefits. Find out more about the plus points and considerations.

Puppy insurance >


Cat Staring

Insurance for older cats

Have a cat older than 10? Then you might find it a little tougher to get the cover you need. Our guide explains all. 

Senior cat insurance >

Dogs in jumpers

Pet insurance, do you really need it?

36% of cats and 58% of dogs are insured in the UK. So why do so many people choose not to cover their furry friends?

Pet insurance explained >

Dogs running in field

Insuring an older dog

If your dog is over 8 years old it can be classed as a senior pet. Find out how you can get the cover you need for your faithful friend. 

Senior dog insurance >

Scared Grey kitten

Insuring a kitten

Insuring your kitten is a good idea particularly if your looking at lifetime cover. Let our guide tell you all you need to know. 

Kitten insurance >