Diet and prescription pet food insurance cover

Some insurers will help cover costs for special foods prescribed by your vet but sometimes it only covers specific conditions.

Prescription pet food cover explained

Diet and prescription pet food is something that some vets will recommend if your pet is allergic, has specific intolerances or in some cases needs to lose weight. Happily most insurance companies will help with the cost of providing this diet food to your pet.

The limits for the sections of cover however tend to be quite low and there are a few restrictions to be aware of to make sure you’re eligible to claim.

Whilst it is unlikely be the most important factor when choosing a pet insurer, if you have a sensitive pet when it comes to food, it could just help cover some unforeseen costs further down the line.

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Do all insurers offer diet food cover?

Most pet insurers will provide some level of cover for prescription food, but this does vary depending upon who you go with.

Of all the policies in the UK, only 18% do not offer any cover for diet and prescription foods at all. This equates to 12 companies.

The remaining providers offer differing levels of cover. Some offer the cover with restrictions, for example Insure Your Paws offer cover for prescription food only when recommended by a vet to break down urinary crystals.

These type of restrictions are imposed by 31 providers in the market, covering 155 policies.

Finally, you have those providers who do not impose condition type restriction on their diet food cover, this makes up the remaining 53 policies, covered by 16 providers. Despite there be no condition restrictions you will usually find there are lower limits for diet food claims. We’ll explore this next.

What are typical cover limits

Cover limits can vary from different providers, however almost always they are classed separately to the vet fee cover and therefore have a lower limit that can be claimed. This is known as an inner limit.

In our research, inner limits for diet and prescription food range from £100 with Scratch & Patch, £200 with Bought By Many and up to £500 with MoreThan.

How do you claim for diet and prescription pet food?

Claiming for under the diet or prescription food section of your policy should be the same process as claiming for regular vet treatment. However, in order to make an eligible claim all insurers are clear that the diet food you want to claim for must have been medically recommended or prescribed by your vet, and they’ll need to see proof over this before they are able to review and pay any claim.

Should there have been any consultations or tests prior to the prescription in order to determine that specific dietary requirements were needed for your pet, then these can usually be claimed for as well, but these costs would typically come from the overall vet fee treatment limit – although be careful – some providers have put specific inner limits on claims tests and diagnostics too. Check your policy wording carefully.

What exclusions are there concerning diet food?

The key exclusions around diet food are around ensuring that your vet has prescribed the food and getting proof of this. Without it, you run the risk of having your claim declined.

Secondly, be sure that you know under what circumstances you can claim for prescription food. With Insure Your Paws, Petplan, Scratch & Patch and others they’ll only consider diet food claims if it is to treat a very specific issue around urinary crystals.

So it’s always worth making sure that you are clear on any exclusions before submitting your claim, if in doubt simply contact your insurer.

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