Multi-pet insurance explained and the best multi-pet discounts available

Insuring 2 or more pets with the same provider can be very beneficial, we've taken a look at who are being the most generous.

Multi-pet insurance explained

What is multi-pet insurance?

At its simplest, multi-pet insurance policies are no different to standard cat or dog insurance policies, which are there to protect you against the unforeseen costs of veterinary treatment, boarding your pet or lost and found cover.

The great thing about multi-pet insurance is that it can combine together your individual pet policies in one, meaning less admin and paperwork for you, plus most providers will offer you a discount when you insure multiple pets with them.

Which providers offer multi-pet discounts?

Of the current 56 insurers in the UK, 35 of them offer some form of discount for insuring more than 1 pet with them. These discounts range from 5% up to 20%. See the full table of discounts as of the 29th January 2022.

Provider % Multi-Pet Discount
Healthy Pets 20%
Petguard 20%
Bought By Many 15%
Napo 15%
Direct Line 12.5%
Asda Money 10%
Churchill 10% 10%
PETtrac 10%
Scratch & Patch 10%
The Insurance Emporium 10%
Vetsure 10%
Everypaw 8.33% Equivalent of 1 month free
4Paws 5%
Admiral 5%
Agria 5%
Geoffrey Insurance 5%
John Lewis 5%
LV= 5%
M&S Bank 5%
MiPet Cover 5%
The Kennel Club 5%
Petplan £12 discount per pet when you insure two or more pets
Sainsbury’s Bank £12 discount per pet every year
Argos £12 discount per pet every year
Co-op Insurance £12 discount per pet when you insure two or more pets

Currently the best multi-pet discount you can get are with Healthy Pets and Bought By Many, but it is worth checking Petplan, Sainsbury’s Bank, Argos and Co-op as depending upon the number of pets you want to insure you might find they provide a bigger discount. However, make sure that you’re getting the cover that you need.

How many pets can I add on a policy?

Most providers allow you to add up to at least 6 pets on a policy. If you need more than this, then there may be some providers out there than you can find which allow up to 10.

Is it a discount on every pet I add?

Different providers work in different ways. For those that offer a monetary discount (rather than a percentage) then they provide a £1 discount per pet (or each additional pet for Petplan and Co-op) per month.

For those where there is a percentage discount, there can be different ways in which this is applied. With providers such as More Than and Healthy Pets, the percentage discount is applied for each pet you wish to insure. Whilst for others such as Scratch & Patch, Perfect Pet, LV= and Petguard offer the discount on the total premium.

How much can I save with multi-pet?

Let’s assume that we have 4 moggies to insure and we’ll be insuring with Petguard. The average annual cost of a cat insurance policy based on our research is £188.72.

So 4 x £188.72 = £754.88.

Petguard offer a 10% multi-pet discount on the total value of the premium, resulting in a saving of £75.49.

Do all the pets I add need to be on the same policy type?

Happily, most providers are capable of offering multi-pet discounts on a mixture of pets. So, for example if you have 2 dogs and 1 cat, then all of them could qualify for the multi-pet discount. There’s a mixture of providers that also allow you to mix and match policy types meaning that if you wanted to take out an accident only policy for 1 cat and lifetime policies for the 2 dogs then the discount can and will still apply.

Can I combine non-pre existing with pre-existing?

Providers with pre-existing cover don’t always allow multi-pet discounts on their pre-existing policies. The major provider Bought By Many does allow this. However, providers where you need to disclose the details of the condition then multi-pet discounts may not apply – this may be the case with Direct Line, so check before you purchase.

Will I have different renewal dates and payment dates?

As well as the multi-pet discount, you can also benefit from less admin, payments and paperwork. In the majority of cases the pets you wish to insure will be added under the same policy number, meaning that you’ll have one set of policy documents with both pets on them and the payments for both pets will be taken at the same time on a combined direct debit – assuming you pay in monthly instalments.

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